Dance Programs

Appreciation for music and dance enhances a child’s learning. Our dance programs is designed not only to sharpen the bodily kinesthetic of a child, but also to help blossom the love of performing arts.


Flamenco is a folkloric dance from Spain. The instructor guides the students towards mastery of body posture and the intricate movements of the hands, arms, and feet of this exhilarating dance. All ages welcome!


Under the tutelage of the dance instructor, dance students are introduced to the different elements and techniques of the different dance styles.



In our Salsa class, kids make friends, get exercise and learn the basics of Salsa dance. Whether experienced in dance or a complete beginner, our classes will give them a foundation of Salsa music and dance steps; along with (basic) footwork and dance steps. These dance classes are unique in the area.

There are also many proven health benefits of dance for kids, aside from just the cardio workout and social aspect. Some of the specific health benefits of dance for kids include:

  • Increased focus, creativity, and discipline
  • Improves memory, balance, coordination and posture
  • Improved self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Strengthens personal relationships

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