Beyond the Classroom at MAB

At Montessori Academy, students cultivate interests and turn them into talents.

Our clubs and extracurricular programs give further opportunity for students to be agents of their activity and provide a robust, well-rounded learning experience that goes beyond to academics.

The MAB Robotics Club inspires future scientists and engineers to transform our world for the better.

Dance is an important and exhilarating form of self-expression. MAB students can choose from our Flamenco, Tap/Jazz, and Salsa program options.

Ceramics is a comprehensive introduction to the craft of clay working. MAB students will learn to create functional pottery and artistic techniques. 

A scholastic chess club combines education and social activities. MAB students come to play, to get together with their friends and make new ones.

Gymnastics is a sport that combines many different movements that require balance, coordination, flexibility, strength and endurance. MAB students will become familiar with skills like body tension, bridge, chassis step and others.

MAB students are given an opportunity to participate in creative dramatic activities and are exposed to different aspects of theater.

Spanish Club will enable MAB students to learn about Spanish language, culture and the history outside of the classroom. 

Developing both mind and body with martial arts.
Great discoveries don’t just happen in our classrooms, they also happen on our sports teams.

In addition to our core Montessori programs, quality after school care options are available for all ages and grade levels.

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