About Montessori Academy

At MAB, education values the development of the whole child—physical, emotional, social, and cognitive. Known for individually paced learning and fostering independence, we’re encouraging empathy, a passion for social justice, and a love of lifelong learning.

Our Mission

Our mission is to prepare students to be life-long learners and responsible citizens of the world community. Through the use of Montessori methods and philosophy, an individualized approach in multi-age groupings encourages developmentally appropriate learning of academics, social development and life skills.

All children are given the freedom‐in a structured environment that is nurturing, child-centered and supportive‐to develop their gifts and pursue their interests while also learning the incumbent responsibilities.

Meet Ms. Monica Gargiulo-Benitez, Founder and Head of Montessori Academy of Broward.
MAB is part of the International Schools Partnership, a growing group of committed colleagues in financially responsible schools around the world, all of which aim to be the school of choice in their local area.
What does a MAB graduate look like? Learn more about how our mission shapes our outcomes.
How did MAB come to be one of the most prestigious and respected Montessori schools in Florida? Learn more about our journey.
At Montessori Academy, we believe that if you are making a commitment to our school, we want to make a commitment to you.

Montessori Academy of Broward

19200 Pines Blvd.

Pembroke Pines, FL 33029

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