Pre-K & Kindergarten: Virtual Learning Guidelines for Parents and Students

Montessori Academy is proud to be able to continue to provide the Montessori education during this exceptional time. The virtual learning experience has been redesigned to offer the students a learning environment focused on their academic, emotional, and physical growth.

We have created these guidelines to offer parents, teachers, and students the ground rules to make the virtual experience a successful one.

Student Schedule:

8:30 am-2:00 pm Students will follow their daily schedule. There will be 30-minute lunchtime and 30-minute snack/break time.

The daily schedule will be provided by the teacher on the first day of school and will be available in the virtual classroom.

Work Packets:

Packets with all print outs and materials to complete the weekly assignments will be ready to be picked up every Friday and they will also be posted on the Google classroom.

General Guidelines for Parents and Students:

  • Google Classroom will be our meeting point platform and will be updated frequently. Please sign in with your child daily for updates on assignments and messages from your child’s teacher.
  • Recordings (video or photography) of student-teacher video meetings, student group meetings, and prerecorded teacher presentations are strictly prohibited.
  • Student video meetings are strictly for teacher-student academic interactions.
  • We encourage parents to contact their child’s teacher via email with any questions or if they’d like to schedule a meeting.
  • Please make your best effort to minimize distractions while your child attends the video meetings, watches pre-recorded videos for their lessons, and completes assignments.
  • Students should have a quiet place to work with the necessary supplies within reach (lined paper or composition book, pencil, eraser, etc.)
  • Encourage your child to use the restroom before the live video sessions begin. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate pausing meetings for bathroom emergencies.
  • We expect students to dress appropriately for the video meetings and ask that students wear their Montessori Academy polo tops.
  • Students should complete their work independently so our teachers can continue monitoring their progress.
  • Mistakes are okay, and this is how we learn.
  • Attendance will be logged by teachers daily during the morning circle time, and teachers will monitor student participation (viewing the pre-recorded sessions, turning in their assignments, and live video attendance). However, we also understand that there may be extenuating circumstances when following the student schedule will not be possible for families. Please reach out to your child’s teacher if your family is experiencing difficulties.
  • Be courteous to others when attending the video meetings, a raised hand is the best way to request a turn to speak. Wait for the teacher to call on the student to speak.
  • There may be times when the teacher will turn the microphone off during a group meeting to prevent experiencing feedback or background noise. Don’t worry, the teacher can also turn it back on.
  • Make sure your child eats a healthy meal to start the day and healthy snacks in between.
  • Support your child’s emotional balance by providing time for physical activity and creative play.
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