What Tools Are Used to Teach Children in a Montessori Program?

When looking for the best private schools, you can’t go wrong with a Montessori education. According to U.S. News, the number of these institutions is estimated to be around 4,000 and continues to rise. When you enroll your child at one of our local institutions, rest assured that many tools help enhance your child’s education while giving them the freedom to think outside of the box.

Here are four to consider!

1. Primary Resources

Good primary resources allow students to acquire new concepts, skills, facts, and data that they can further explore in depth. A typical Montessori school has the latest textbooks, tablets, alphabet cards, and more. Elementary school students may use beads to understand mathematical concepts. There are also building blocks to help students understand spatial recognition.

2. Secondary Resources

There are many secondary resources for students to use at our schools. Classrooms may have puzzles, art supplies, musical instruments, workbooks, and other fun activities students can use in small groups. Supplemental resources help students expand upon what they learn from the primary resources. It also provides a more informal aspect to education, so students never feel bored or stagnant.

3. Community Resources

Many resources are available outside the classroom that our education system takes advantage of. Students often go on field trips to the local library, zoos, and other historical establishments. Being among the best private schools around, Montessori understands how engaging with nature allows students to understand science and the world at large.

4. Highly Trained Faculty

The best tools we have at our institutions are humans, namely our highly trained staff. The Montessori school system doesn’t hire just anyone to teach your children. Each teacher and staff member is highly specialized in their field and loves sharing their knowledge with students. Whether it’s the teacher, the principal, or the assistants, your children are in good hands with education facilitators who take pride in guiding them throughout their school years.

When searching for the best private schools in South Florida, look no further than the Montessori school system. When you enroll your student at our facility, you’re putting them on a fast track to an amazing education and adulthood. From art supplies to advanced textbooks to regular field trips and highly trained faculty, we operate with the best tools around. Contact Montessori Academy of Broward for more information today.