What to Look for When Considering Private Schools

In terms of selecting a private school, parents have a lot of options. According to CAPE, there are over 30,000 of them across the country. Their main question is – what should they be looking for when it comes to picking one for their child?

Here are several things to be on the lookout for:

What Is the Typical Class Size?

You want your child to have a class with a good student/teacher ratio. That way, they wouldn’t possibly fall through the cracks in a larger class setting. Their teachers will get to know them a lot better than a public school teacher might. This can create a nurturing environment for them and they can flourish academically.

What Is the School Community Like?

When you look at a private school, you’re not just looking for something for your child. You’re also looking to see what kind of community has been built around the school. Are the parents involved? Is there a robust Parents Association? Yes, you might just want to know that you’re sending your child to a good school, but you also want to know that it’s not just the teachers and administrators fending for themselves – there is a strong sense of community.

What Is Their Philosophy?

You want to send your child to a private school that will teach them to understand the subjects that they are studying. A good school will have the teachers work closely with the students to make sure that they do that and not give them mounds of busy work that keeps them up until the late hours. Ask about this when you are touring the school.

Other things to think about include your potential return on your investment. Are there a lot of opportunities for the children who are there? How good is their college preparation? How many of their graduates go on to college? What kind of test preparation do they offer for the SATs? Do they have scholarships or financing? You want to weigh these things against other schooling options in the area. If you find a private school that suits your needs, then you can feel confident sending them there.

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