What the Best Preschool Looks for in Teaching Assistant Candidates

Are you looking for a job as a teaching assistant at a preschool? If so, you’re probably seeking a job at one of your area’s top preschools. Good preschools use teaching assistants to keep the student-to-teacher ratio low. According to Childcare.gov, one adult shouldn’t supervise more than six to ten kids.

With this in mind, here are a few things that can help you get a job as a teaching assistant at the best preschool in your area.

Childcare Education

Most preschools will accept teaching assistants with a high school or GED education. However, if you want a job at the best preschool, it helps to have higher education. A bachelor’s or associate’s degree in education or childcare can set you apart from other candidates. At the very least, if you’re in the process of getting your degree, the preschool may view that education as helpful. If you can demonstrate that you’ve learned how to teach and care for children, you have a better chance of getting the job.

Communication Skills

Communication is an important part of working with children in a preschool. There’s obviously the need to communicate with young children, which can be difficult. They may not fully understand rules and social skills, so you’ll have to be able to communicate effectively with them. Communication with parents can also be difficult. They may have expectations that are unreasonable or have tough demands in regard to the care of their children. Communicating effectively with parents is a necessary skill if you’re working in the best preschool.

Love of Children

Finally, the most important trait for working in a top preschool is a genuine love for children. You’ll be with children all day, every day. If you don’t love working with children, you’ll get burnt out on the job very fast. The top preschools want to hire teaching assistants who love kids and who will work with the kids in a positive and affectionate way. They may have you spend a day or two in a classroom as a paid trial period to make sure you enjoy the experience and have a good demeanor with the kids.

If you’re a parent, these are qualities every teaching assistant in your child’s private preschool will possess. These professionals will ensure your child’s educational journey is rewarding and pleasant. To learn more, contact Montessori Academy of Broward today!