What Activities Do the Best Local Private Schools Offer?

Children are sponges for knowledge. During this critical age in their development, you should expose them to as many activities as possible so they can discover their interests. Montessori schools provide ample activities for students, and they can maximize your child’s engagement. What activities can your child try during their time at Montessori school?

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Team Sports

The number of private Montessori schools is on the rise, with around 4,000 of them currently operating in the United States, according to U.S. News. Many of those educational institutions offer team sports as activities for students. It’s a good thing that team sports are so widely available at the aforementioned establishments because the benefits they provide are truly valuable.

First off, regularly playing sports can benefit your child by encouraging them to stay active. An active child can develop habits that enable them to stay in good shape through their formative years. On top of that, team sports can help them develop their social skills. Your child will have an easier time forming friendships with other kids because of their team connection.


Dancing is another activity that the best local private schools offer. Similar to team sports, dancing can be good for students because it’s a physically engaging activity. Your child can develop their flexibility, coordination, and strength by participating in regular dance classes.

Aside from helping with physical development, dancing can also benefit children by serving as a creative outlet. They can tap into their creative sensibilities after learning more about specific dances and what they mean. You may see your child create their custom dances not long after starting classes.


Montessori schools can provide more than physically engaging activities. If your child has shown more of an interest in science and gadgets, they may benefit from joining a robotics club. Taking an interest in robotics is great because it helps them develop programming, math, and science skills. It’s not difficult to see how honing those skills can benefit your child’s future.

Furthermore, many robotics clubs these days encourage children to work with their peers. They can work on projects while learning to function in a team environment. Your child can develop their computational and social skills in a robotics club.

Enrolling your elementary or middle schooler in a Montessori school gives them a complete educational experience. Let them try all the activities available until they decide what they like the most. Contact Montessori Academy of Broward today and put your child on an educational path that sets them up for success!

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