Top Questions Parents Ask About Montessori School

Private schools are approximately 10.4% of American students. According to the Department of Education, among private schools, about 79 percent reported they were regular schools, 7 percent reported they were special education, 6 percent reported they were Montessori, 4 percent reported they were special program emphasis, 3 percent reported they were early childhood program or daycare centers, and 1 percent reported they were alternative or other types of schools.

If you’re looking for Montessori schools for your children’s education, you may have one or more of the following questions.

What Does Montessori Mean?

The Montessori method is an education approach that was designed by Italian physician and educator, Maria Montessori. This method emphasizes independence and a teaching system that respects the importance of developing a child’s natural interests and activities. The Montessori method is based on collaborative work, self-directed activities, and hands-on learning. This approach features a nontraditional grading system and an emphasis on the social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development of a child.

Do Montessori Schools Teach Discipline?

One of the more difficult to dispel myths about Montessori education is that its unfettered playtime lack disciplinary rules. Children under Montessori education are allowed to direct how they learn according to their interests, but a disciplined approach to teaching is always emphasized to ensure that students are learning and being productive with their time.

Is Kindergarten Offered?

Montessori private schools are often synonymous with preschool, and that is certainly an important part of the Montessori method. But this educational method is particularly effective when continued into kindergarten, and many Montessori schools now offer kindergarten alongside preschool education. Many modern Montessori schools offer programs beyond preschool and kindergarten.

Are Teachers Certified By The American Montessori Society?

Certification for private schools is an understandable concern for parents. It’s one reason the American Montessori Society exists: To ensure that schools following the methods laid down by Maria Montessori are followed and that the teachers who operate by these methods are skilled professionals who take their role seriously.

Montessori education is a principle that can build a strong citizen for the future. Bringing your children to a Montessori program, whether for preschool alone or through grade 8, will ensure that your kids develop a flexible, understanding mind ready for tomorrow. To learn more, contact Montessori Academy of Broward today!

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