How Day Camps Help to Build a Child’s Self-Esteem

While the number of private Montessori schools, which is estimated to be around 4,000, continues to rise, day camp programs continue to increase in popularity. Day camps are not only places where children can learn about nature and the great outdoors. Today’s day camps combine art, crafts, technology, and more.

Let’s explore some great reasons why a day camp may be the best complement to conventional education and schooling:

Development of skills

Camps offer a diverse range of activities, from sports and arts to leadership and problem-solving challenges. As children explore these activities and develop new skills, they gain a sense of accomplishment and competence, which enhances their self-esteem. Success in mastering tasks and overcoming challenges reinforces their belief in their abilities.


Appreciation for Others

Within day camps are various kinds of children who come from different backgrounds. Thanks to the diversity within the day camp, your child will come to understand other races, cultures, and backgrounds that differ from theirs. Your child will begin to form friendships that may potentially last a lifetime. Your child will grow to become an adult who learns to appreciate and respect the differences that others have.


Perhaps one of the best reasons to consider day camps for your child is the independence they will have. Day camps offer children of any age an opportunity to explore all on their own, make and cultivate friendships, and follow their own interests and pursuits. Day camps also help children grow and become more well-adjusted in various environments. Oftentimes, a child may not be able to exert full independence while being at home.

With other siblings around, chores, and other distractions at home, children may not feel as if they can explore what truly interests them. Day camp sessions are great for children who may want to explore various interests and activities that may not be available at home. That sense of independence will be huge for your child’s self-esteem.

Support and Encouragement

Another reason day camp sessions may benefit your child is due to the support and encouragement they will receive from camp counselors and other children. When your child reaches a specific hardship or challenge, they will be encouraged to overcome it, which will lead to triumph.

For example, your child may have an obstacle course at day camp that they are struggling to finish. But thanks to the cheers and support from the camp personnel and their friends, they will be able to finish the rope climb, mazes, and more. Day camps are places where praise is freely given, and support is offered when needed.


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