Four Reasons Why a Private School Is Better for Your Young Child

When looking to choose from a list of the best private schools for your young child, you want a school that offers challenging and engaging programs, supportive staff members, and a welcoming environment. While small class sizes that have student-to-teacher ratios of 12:1 are quite common in private schools, there are other benefits to choosing a private school over a public or a charter school for your child. 

Let’s delve into reasons that a private school may provide the well-rounded education you seek for the betterment of your young child:

Appreciation for Literacy

One of the biggest reasons to choose a private school for your younger child is the appreciation of reading that they will have at an early age. Some of the best private schools incorporate reading and literacy activities into preschool and kindergarten curricula. There are even reading programs that are incorporated into several after-care programs that a private school will sponsor.

When looking into some of the best private schools for your child, you want to find out what kind of reading programs they have. Children should begin to learn letters, sight words, and even sentence structure during their formative years. The best private schools offer such and more.

Computer and Technological Skills

Some of the best private schools offer programs that include both computer and technology programs and classes. These days, our children need a sound foundation when it comes to technology. Some of the best private schools offer coding, word processing, and other computer programs for younger children. These computer and technology classes enable young children to become technologically astute adults.

Smaller Class Sizes

Many charter and public schools do have activities for toddlers. However, the activities may not be as stimulating as they should be due to the large class sizes. The best private schools offer smaller class sizes, ensuring that young children can receive the support and assistance they need during activities and learning times.

Stimulating Outreach Programs

Some of the best private schools offer outreach programs and additional learning opportunities by way of day camps and summer camps. Many private school intuitions offer learning opportunities that go far beyond the classroom. Your young child may arrive home with a better appreciation of the life cycle of a butterfly. Your child may also be able to take part in an outdoor scavenger hunt in which they find various letters of the alphabet and later build words with them.


When it comes to choosing from your list of the best private schools, your Pembroke Pines, FL Montessori school offers a comprehensive education for children during their formative years. Our instructors are some of the most accomplished individuals who provide a warm, welcoming, and supportive environment for young children. Our school is one that celebrates the triumphs of each child while helping children work through their challenges. Connect with us today and find out why we are one of the best private schools here in Florida and beyond.

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