4 Reasons Why a Montessori School Is the Best Option for Your Child

Education is the cornerstone of your child’s future success. To ensure that children are well-prepared to take on an increasingly competitive global economy, parents must give them a solid academic foundation from the onset. This means enrolling your child in the best private preschool with a well-rounded education that’s child-centered. To this end, a Montessori school fits the bill. 

Since 1907, the Montessori Method has been widely researched, tested, and proven to be an effective educational approach that teaches children independence, self-discipline, and empathy. As such, children benefit in the following ways when they attend a Montessori school.

Montessori Students Learn Spanish At an Early Age

In our modern world, multilingual and bilingual people have greater access to career and business opportunities worldwide. Certainly, in the future, you can bet that bilingual professionals will be in more demand as globalization progresses. In the United States alone, there are about 41 million Spanish speakers, while 22 countries on the globe speak Spanish.

For this reason, children who can speak and write Spanish fluently will be better placed to capitalize on these opportunities. In a Montessori school, your child will learn how to speak, read and write Spanish at a native level because they are taught Spanish from as early as kindergarten.

The Montessori Academy Of Broward Offers Quality STEM Educations

Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are at the core of the world’s development. In our modern technological age, students with advanced STEM skills have better chances of providing solutions to our everyday challenges. This is not only fulfilling but also well-rewarding. Since the Montessori approach is student-centered, pairing it with the STEM system will allow students to develop and cultivate a scientific curiosity. Tutors learn the interests and abilities of a child at an early age in the Montessori method, a facet that compliments the STEM system well. This fact also helps the Montessori-certified teachers to tailor learning materials and foster a learning environment that helps their students maximize their potential. Therefore, in a Montessori school that offers STEM, students gifted in math, science, robotics, or computers are given resources and guidance to hone and advance their skills.

Montessori Students Learn Visual and Performing Arts and Physical Education

Creative and performance arts are instrumental in progressing the intellectual growth of a child. Arts help a child develop self-confidence through creative self-expression programs such as ballet, flamenco, jazz, or playing the violin. Creative arts improve students’ social skills, besides challenging children to think out of the box when solving complex problems. Additionally, a child may choose to pursue an artistic endeavor as a professional in the future. Learning creative and performance arts gives children more options in their careers besides being a meaningful channel to express their creativity.

Montessori schools also focus on physical and sports education to give their students access to a wide range of sports activities. These include volleyball, karate, and dance. The top private schools engage professionals to conduct physical education classes. This way, Montessori students can take up a sport professionally and be great at it.

Montessori Schools Teach Their Students Important Life Skills

A well-rounded education imparts important life skills to students. Through the Montessori method, your child will learn and understand vital topics such as self-worth, happiness, self-growth, empathy, and social-emotional skills. The life skills programs taught at a Montessori school cover diverse topics such as conflict resolution, self-confidence, time-management, emotional intelligence, Law of Attraction, communication and learning styles, and identity. This makes your child an all-around individual who is independent, creative, assertive, and disciplined. These life skills will help your child lead a more productive and successful life in their future career.

If you’re searching for a private school to send your child to, a Montessori school will be a good option for you and your child. Luckily, you’ll find a Montessori school near you, given that the number of private Montessori schools is on the rise. There are about 4,000 Montessori schools, and the number is expected to grow in the coming years as more parents opt for the Montessori approach of learning.