Is it time for your little one to start preschool? If so, you may want to play fun games with them that can help stimulate their brains. One of the best ways to do so is by playing memory games. Here are some fun options that they’ll love.


    Do you remember playing hopscotch as a child? It’s a staple among students at the best preschool. It’s a mental game that can help your preschooler. After all, the child must remember the sequence of numbered squares they must hop on. You can even change this concept by replacing numbers with the alphabet, food names, animal pictures, and more!

    Magic Cup

      This is one of the earliest memory games most people have played. You can take two or more cups and pick one to hide an object under. Let the child see which one you place the cup over. Make sure the cups are all the same color and design. After you have the object covered with one cup, shuffle them around several times and see if the child can remember which one is hiding the object.

      Memory Card

        The memory card game involves using several matching pairs of cards. The matching cards can be shapes, pictures, words, or more. Start by having all cards facing upward so the kids can see the images. Turn all cards face down, and the children will begin to flip them over to see matches. The idea is to try to remember where two matching items are. When there is a wrong match, turn the card back over.

        Scavenger Hunt

          Pick a few objects and place them in your hand for the children to see. Next, the children cover their eyes while you hide them. In this memory game, the children will find as many objects as they can remember. It’s a combination of memory use and hide and seek, another childhood favorite.

          Preschool is the step before primary school and should involve engagement to help the child’s development. In these facilities, one trained adult shouldn’t have more than six to 10 preschoolers in their care, according to Childcare.gov. If you want the best preschool in Pembroke Pines, FL, we’re the right one for your child. From memory games to proper adult-child ratio, your little one will be in good hands at the Montessori Academy of Broward.

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