Have you been looking into a Montessori private school for your child? With their student-directed approach and emphasis on independence, you may think a Montessori education could be right for your little one. Do you still have questions about what exactly your child’s days will look like? Read on for an inside look at some of the key experiences your child can expect at a Montessori private school.

1. Hands-On Learning Across Subjects

In Montessori classrooms, teachers thoughtfully arrange the learning materials students engage with each day. Your child will get to touch, examine, manipulate, and experiment with items meant to pique curiosity across subject areas. Sensorial materials allow kids to refine their senses and understand concepts like size, color, sound, shape, and texture. Practical life skills stations let children pour, scoop, sort, clean, and build concentration and coordination. Your kid will also have access to math, language, science, geography, and cultural materials, gaining firsthand experience with key academic concepts. This tactile approach allows your child to actively build upon their knowledge.

2. Long Work Cycles to Dive Deep

Say goodbye to the 20-minute work blocks that are standard in many traditional programs. In Montessori schools, children are given large chunks of uninterrupted work time. This allows your kid to choose an activity that sparks interest and engage with it for as long as desired. Without being pulled away, your little one can reach an intensely focused mental state, fully concentrating on the task at hand. This fosters deep learning, problem-solving abilities, and task persistence that will serve them well in later grades.

3. Student Choice and Freedom

You won’t find rows of desks with every child doing the same worksheet. Montessori believes children learn best when given agency over their education. Your kid will largely guide what and how they learn each day. Activities aren’t mandatory – the motivation comes from within. With freedom comes responsibility; students maintain their workspace, track progress, put items back properly, and manage time independently. Your child will gain important executive functioning and self-regulation skills, helping them become a confident, self-directed learner for life.

As you consider a Montessori private school, keep this approach in mind. The hands-on work time, extended concentration periods, and a high degree of choice allow your unique child’s interests and talents to shine. After a Montessori education, your little one will transition to later schooling with a true passion for learning in tow. If you’re looking to enroll your child in one of these schools, then we invite you to tour our campus. Call the Montessori Academy of Broward now to schedule an appointment.

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