3 Reasons Why You Should Enroll Your Toddler in a Montessori Daycare

The formative years of a child are crucial for their brain development. It’s during this stage that a child’s brain is most receptive to learning. As such, children must receive a quality start to their education during this stage.

Here are a few reasons you should consider our Montessori Daycare to help jump-start their education.

1. Our Schools Have Small Class Size

Daycare children learn best from observation and through the first-hand experience delivered in the classroom environment. A nurturing and supportive environment will ignite a child’s natural zeal for discovery, curiosity, and exploration. This is what early childhood learning is all about. For this to be possible, the tutor must give each child individual attention. This way, a teacher will know the abilities and interests of a child and channel learning activities towards that direction.

To enable teachers to offer individualized attention, which is what kindergarten students need most, our schools keep the class sizes small. The Montessori learning method focuses on teaching children on an individual level so that no student is left behind. With small class sizes and top-of-the-line teachers, your child will thrive in the best environment.

2. Montessori Education Advances Cognitive Development

The Montessori Academy has no limits and boundaries that may hinder learning. Instead, tutors utilize student-focused teaching methods that facilitate wholesome learning. In a Montessori classroom, your toddler will learn many skills such as coordination of movement, visual discrimination, language, and concentration. Since toddlers learn primarily through observation, teachers read books, recite poems, emphasize actions, name, draw, and describe objects and sing songs to their students. This boosts the language and cognitive development of your child.

Additionally, your child will interact with older children. This enables the younger children to learn from the older ones by trying to imitate their actions. Conversely, the older children will act as mentors as they’ll naturally feel the urge to help their younger peers. This creates a healthy learning environment for the kids that boosts their cognitive development and fosters a sense of community at an early age.

3. Daycares Are the Perfect Places for Your Child to Socialize and Have Fun

A top daycare encourages fun learning by fostering a child-friendly environment. This means having different toys for playing games, kids’ indoor playgrounds equipped with soft-play equipment, and spacious classrooms to enable safe movement. On top of it all, your child gets a chance to socialize and play with other kids. This is crucial for your child’s social and emotional development.

Your child must grow up in a community environment that enables close social interactions. Enrolling your child in a private daycare will give them a chance to develop social and emotional skills. Through play and interaction, they’ll learn the basics of communication, compassion, and respect. These are the soft skills that can only be learned first-hand in a social setting.

Of the 34,576 private schools in the U.S. that serve 5.7 million PK-12 students, Montessori schools are at the top of the list. Enrolling your child in our daycare in Pembroke Pines will ensure that they grow up in a good learning environment that will stimulate social, academic, and cognitive development. Contact us today!

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