3 Reasons Montessori Schools Are the Best Private Schools

Montessori schools take a unique approach to learning that allows your child to actively engage with learning materials. The Montessori method is a unique approach to learning that will allow your child to learn in unique ways and nurture their naturally curious mind.Β Β 

To learn more about why Montessori schools are the best private schools, read on:

A Focus on Your Child as a Whole

Many schools are focused purely on academic or textbook learning and teaching to a test. This learning style doesn’t work for most kids, and because of that, their learning and school experience suffers. However, at a Montessori school, your child will be going through hands-on learning experiences that make traditional concepts easier to grasp, allowing space for your child to learn more. Montessori schools aren’t just focused on learning ideas, but concepts as a whole.

Mixed Age Groupings

A unique part of the Montessori method is mixing together children from different ages groups. This allows students to gain important social experience with not only children from their own age range but from those above and below it. This facilitates natural learning and teaching between different age groups, something that most schools don’t offer during regular hours.

Improved Literacy and Math Scoring

A study done on 140 students who were starting preschool showed that the 70 students who attended Montessori schools advanced in both literacy and math tests over the following three years compared to the 70 kids who didn’t attend Montessori schools. This shows that the Montessori method is helpful to children’s learning processes and through the unique methods used are able to learn more rapidly in two key subjects.

Montessori schools are some of the bestΒ private preschools in Broward county, and they can be a great opportunity for your child to learn and grow in a unique way. Through the hands-on methods of Montessori teachers, your child will be able to develop their minds alongside their creativity and problem-solving skills.

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