Enrichment Programs

The role of education is to interest the child profoundly in an external activity to which he will give all his potential.”
Dr. Maria Montessori

Our enrichment program offerings are carefully chosen and balanced in order to maintain an authentic Montessori environment that provides uninterrupted work-cycles.

Montessori Academy students are encouraged to pursue personal passions and discover new ones at every opportunity while exploring a variety of enrichments.

Visual & Performing Arts

MAB provides a rich environment that exposes students to a variety of artistic endeavors while also challenging them to continue to develop and perfect their unique talents.

We believe that creative self-expression has a profound effect on the intellectual growth of our students, and develops a standard of excellence and self-confidence that will positively impact all aspects of their lives. Whether it be flamenco, tap, jazz, salsa, ballet, or violin, there’s no shortage of outlets for soaring creativity.


STEM integrates Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics into project-based learning that is hands-on and that inspires connections between disciplines.

The ultimate goal of STEM education is to prepare our young learners and help them “function and thrive in our highly technological age.” Through experiments, class discussions, and group work, STEM education at MAB encourages teamwork, application of knowledge, critical thinking, innovation, and resilience.


This class is designed to teach children how to communicate effectively and acquire vocabulary in Spanish. This will be accomplished through didactic activities, storytelling, rhymes, and songs that will participate with great enthusiasm. These classes are offered to children of all ages.

The main focus is to have children learn how to introduce themselves, describing aspects of their lives and environment. Conversation, narration, and description will be practiced weekly.

Physical Education

The Montessori Academy Physical Education program aims to introduce all students to a wide range of sports and activities. The curriculum is designed to develop the student’s awareness and understanding of the underlying principles of games, skills, health, and fitness.

All students receive careful coaching from physical education teachers in all of the sports and activities offered in the department. Participation in this program promotes enjoyment from informed and skilled participation in both competitive and cooperative environments that will remain with them throughout their school and adult life.

Life Skills

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