Elementary School at MAB

The greatest gifts we can give our children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.
Dr. Maria Montessori

At the Montessori Academy of Broward, our elementary classrooms are fundamentally different from classes in a traditional setting.

The elementary school student enters a learning environment that is carefully designed and prepared to address the unique developmental needs of this age group. This enriched environment, where children of mixed ages work together and are free to move about, encourages children to be active rather than passive learners.

How We Teach and Learn

We believe that the secret to maintaining a child’s interest and motivation is to keep them challenged. It is not unusual in the Montessori classroom to observe students working independently on what in a traditional environment would be considered higher-level grade work.

Recognizing that all children work at different levels, students are encouraged to move along quickly if they are able, and students needing additional time to learn or practice a concept are given the guidance and support to master the required skill.

Lower Elementary: Grades 1 - 3

Our Lower Elementary three-year, multi-age grouping in the Montessori classroom sets the path for success throughout each stage of development. Our students learn to manage freedom with responsibility and acquire the skills to answer their own questions.

As our students move through our extensive curriculum, the first year lays the foundation for higher-order learning and is the year of introduction; the second year is the year of practice and refining skills; the third year is the year of synthesis and indirect preparation for our upper elementary program.

Upper Elementary: Grades 4 - 5

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